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Providing Award Winning Quality Tattoos For Over A Decade.

Discover Stayonpoint Tattoos, a renowned tattoo studio in the heart of NYC. With a strong reputation built on the support of our loyal clients, we have become a well-established name in the industry. Our studio has proudly hosted a diverse array of talented artists from across the world, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking exceptional artwork. Trust us to deliver a guaranteed masterpiece. Experience the artistry that sets Stayonpoint Tattoos apart. Visit our NYC studio today.

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Sunflower GSunflower G
19:52 10 Aug 23
I just had my second time there after four years of a break:) Ana and Danny are great!! They pay attention to details and ensure that you get what you want precisely and maybe even better:) Ana is very friendly and diligently works to give you a beautiful tattoo you will love for your lifetime!
Iamina DianaIamina Diana
14:10 28 Jul 23
Excellent artists who do excellent work!
Rachel G.Rachel G.
19:50 19 Jun 23
Gloria SoriaGloria Soria
22:07 05 Jun 23
Dan PriceDan Price
17:17 19 May 23
Was referred to Stay on Point by a friend who got a tattoo few weeks earlier. So, I booked an appointment with Ana. Ana was so amazing, texted me not too long after I put in for an appointment and was super collaborative. Her fine work is incredible. The shop is amazing. Great prices, great artists. Will definitely be back.
Brandon JonesBrandon Jones
20:30 23 Mar 23
D boii is a highly skilled professional who takes pride in his craft … nice clean laid back shop .. would highly recommend
ashley reddyashley reddy
19:33 11 Mar 23
The attention-to-detail at StayOnPoint is exceptional… quite literally “on-point”. I am always blown away by the fine & precise linework… even though I expect nothing less 🙂 Would definitely recommend you to get your next tattoo here… they always make me feel immensely comfortable, and the booking process is super easy!Ana is the artist I’ve always seen, 3 out of my 4 tattoos were done by her and I could not be any more in love with them! She prints out multiple stencil options and sizes to ensure you have a broad selection of what you’re looking for.
Dave R.Dave R.
20:33 13 Dec 22
Hands down the Best Tattoo Parlor I've ever been too. Adding to the Artist exquisite skills, the professionalism is A Plus!!! I Trusted Dee with a very personal piece and it exceeded my expectations 💪🏾🙏🏽.If anyone is looking for Quality Work in NYC, there's no where else to look. Stay on Point!!! 🎯 🎯 🎯


Make sure your tattoo heals right!

If you are wearing healing wrap

  • Keep (recovery wrap) on for a period of 4 days.
    You can take a shower with the wrap on, if you notice water gets in then take the whole thing off.
  • On 4th day, during a shower you want to take wrap off with cold water, peel from edges in toward the middle
  • Once wrap is off. Wash with antibacterial soap, be gentle, and let air dry.
  • Once air dry make sure skin is clean and smooth before going to the next process. Which is using Hustle Butter. Read below

Using Hustle Butter

  • Start applying hustle butter for a duration of 1 or 2 weeks depending on how you heal. Apply very little hustle butter because it spreads a lot so you will only need a small amount.
  • If it’s still glossy after 20 minutes then you are applying too much. Repeat 2x a day or as you need depending on oily or dry skin. Keep applying for 1 or 2 weeks depending on how long your skin takes to heal. Every one is different, we all heal differently.
  • If you see liquid floating around under the wrap and there are open edges, do not panic, do not worry. That liquid is plasma, (ink + blood). It’s normal, is supposed to happen, it will not do nothing to your tattoo.
  • Once you take the wrap off then you want make sure you clean thoroughly but not rough.

Watch Our Artists Work

Discover an eclectic mix of artists with diverse styles,
all under one roof. 

Our Artists

Highly Qualified Tattoo Artists

At our studio, you’ll find an array of talented artists who specialize in an impressive range of styles. From black and grey realism, traditional tattoos, trash-polka, new school, neotraditional, blackwork, portraits, full color realism, floral, dotwork, whip shading, tribal and of course, coverups. 

Cover-Up Expert

Dboi is the founder and owner of Stayonpoint. A professional tattoo artist whose been in the industry for over a decade.

Mandala/Ornamental Specialist

Ana is our resident artists whose been honing her craft in fineline and intricate details with her custom mandalas and ornamental pieces.

Guest Artist

Mariya is our guest artists currently available on July 20-21st. She specializes in black and grey realism

Seasonal Shop Hours

Tuesday – Friday…………………………….2pm – 9pm

Saturday – Sunday……………………………By Appointment only

Keep In Touch


Address………………42-17 35th Ave, New York, NY

Phone……………………………………….+1 718-753-0756


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